Connexin Software Data Breach

In August of 2022, connexin software data breach, a provider of electronic health records (EHR) for pediatric practices, experienced a data breach. An unauthorized party was able to access an offline set of patient data, potentially compromising the information of millions of individuals. This data breach raised concerns about the security of patient information and led to a class action lawsuit against Connexin.

connexin software settlement

Connexin Software, a company providing healthcare IT solutions, reached a settlement in February 2024 to resolve a class action lawsuit stemming from a data breach in August 2022. The breach impacted nearly 3 million individuals, including patients and employees of healthcare providers who used Connexin’s software.

Settlement Details

Connexin agreed to establish a $4 million settlement fund. Class members, those affected by the breach, can choose from three options:

  • Expanded Identity Theft and Fraud Monitoring Services (EITFMS): This includes three years of credit monitoring with $1 million in identity theft insurance.
  • Reimbursement for Out-of-Pocket Losses: Individuals can claim up to $7,500 for documented expenses incurred due to the breach, such as fraudulent charges or credit report repair costs.
  • Pro Rata Cash Fund Payment: This option allows for a share of the remaining settlement fund after EITFMS and documented loss claims are paid. The amount received depends on the number of participants.


The lawsuit alleged that Connexin failed to adequately protect sensitive data, leading to the unauthorized access by a third party. While Connexin hasn’t admitted wrongdoing, the settlement aims to compensate affected individuals and improve future data security practices.


The settlement offers protection and potential financial compensation for those impacted by the breach. Connexin has also committed to investing $1.5 million to strengthen its information security program to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Finding More Information

If you believe you were affected by the Connexin data breach, you can visit the settlement website [connexin data security incident ON Connexin Data Security Incident] for details on claim submission and eligibility. The website also provides a FAQ section to answer common questions.

barletti et al v. connexin software inc

Barletti et al. v. Connexin Software Inc. is a lawsuit stemming from a data breach at Connexin Software in August 2022. The breach exposed personal information of roughly 3 million people, including pediatric patients, their parents, and guardians. The plaintiffs, represented by Kazandra Barletti and others, sued Connexin for failing to adequately protect this sensitive data.

Connexin offers healthcare recordkeeping services to pediatric offices nationwide. After the data security incident, a hacking group known as “TommyLeaks” claimed responsibility for accessing the information. The exposed data likely included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and medical records.

In response to the lawsuit, Connexin agreed to a settlement of $4 million. The settlement benefits individuals included in the class action, which encompasses anyone whose personal information was compromised in the breach. The deadline to file a claim is July 25, 2024, and proof of being affected by the breach is required. This case highlights the importance of data security in the healthcare industry and the potential consequences for companies that fail to safeguard patient information.

connexin data settlement claim form

If you were affected by the 2022 Connexin data breach, a settlement is available, but you need to file a claim form to receive benefits. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Eligibility: Check your mail for a notification with a Household ID and PIN. If you didn’t get one, contact the Settlement Administrator.
  • Benefits: You can choose between:
    • Identity theft protection for 3 years with up to $1 million in insurance.
    • Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses due to the breach (up to $7,500 with documentation).
    • A flat-fee cash payment (amount depends on claim submissions).
  • Deadline: Claim forms must be submitted online or postmarked by July 25, 2024.
  • Website: For more information and to submit your claim, visit the Connexin Data Security Incident website: Connexin Data Security Incident Claim Form

Remember, filing a claim form is the only way to get benefits. It also means giving up your right to sue Connexin over the data breach.

office practicum data breach

In August 2022, a data breach at Connexin Software, doing business as Office Practicum, exposed the sensitive information of millions of patients. This healthcare software provider, used by pediatric practices, experienced a ransomware attack that allowed unauthorized access to patient data.

The breach impacted nearly 120 pediatric practices and potentially affected over 2.2 million individuals. Sensitive information like names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and contact details may have been compromised.

Office Practicum began notifying affected individuals in November 2022. The incident raised concerns about data security in the healthcare industry and highlighted the importance of robust safeguards to protect patient privacy. The fallout included lawsuits against Connexin and a proposed settlement of $4 million to avoid bankruptcy.


Connexin Software experienced a data breach in August 2022 that impacted nearly 3 million individuals, primarily children’s protected health information. The company reached a $4 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit and offered identity theft protection and reimbursement options to affected individuals.

This conclusion summarizes the key points:

  • The data breach occurred in August 2022.
  • Almost 3 million people were affected, mainly children.
  • A settlement was reached for $4 million.
  • Affected individuals received options for identity theft protection and reimbursement.

For a more specific conclusion, you could focus on a particular aspect of the breach, such as:

  • The importance of protecting sensitive data, especially in healthcare.
  • The financial impact of data breaches on companies.
  • The steps individuals can take to protect themselves after a data breach.

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